Real-life learning can start at any age. Year 7 students at Garden International School recently worked with Aquaria in KLCC to learn about the sales and marketing aspect of Design & Technology. 

Whilst designing & making tend to be the core aspects of the subject, it is important that students know the other areas linked to getting products into stores.

Students were tasked with designing, making, packaging and selling ear-bud wraps to sell in the Aquaria gift shop. Students used their D&T lessons to sketch and draw ideas on the computer before using a laser cutter to batch-produce the designs before packaging them to the store's specifications. It was decided that all money raised would be given to charity. 

During the weekend, year 7 students visited the store to promote the products and sell them to members of the public, selling 120 in the first weekend alone!

It's easy to discuss with schools how real-life learning can work for both schools and industry. 

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