Architect Junior believes that all great minds had the chance since early ages to freely explore materials, colours, textures and compositions. Building and construction using blocks and other materials cultivates kids’ imagination abilities and develops their creative thinking. Moreover, prototyping ideas in early ages can sharply build up unique characters.


Departing from here, we use early architecture education as an alternative education tool to raise up skilful creative thinkers who can take the world into a new spectrum of design realm…


Architect Junior started 2003/2004 in Egypt. Content and methodology are efficiently suitable for kids 4 to 9 years old to develop kids’ skills aesthetically, scientifically and practically in one shot. 32 sessions compiling 2 levels of 8 modules had been developed. 



"By being part of Youth Made Malaysia as a movement initiated by makers in the field of design and technology in education for older ages, we really wish to efficiently raise up a new generation of creative thinkers and designers in Malaysia  and the world…"


Website : Architectjunior

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