To better understand some of the work we do at Youth Made Malaysia, to see how you could benefit or help, have a look at the following case studies.


Youth Made Malaysia recently worked with LeadEd and Heriot Watt University to put together a STEM festival for some local schools to further ignite their enthusiasm and develop their understanding of Design & Technology. Based around the Airgineers drones, students designed, made and raced their micro-drones in an action-packed weekend event at Heriot Watt university.


Giving students a taste of the varied careers associated with design and manufacturing is really useful. The opportunity to get out of school and into a working environment can further ignite their passion and interest to further their studies in the area. Huge thanks to Expedio for sparing the time to help give our students a glimpse of the real world of design outside the classroom.


Design and Technology isn't about grades, it isn't about awards either, but it is nice to recognize some of the outstanding work of our students in the multi-disciplined area of D&T. The YMM Awards aim to congratulate students for their excellence in D&T.


Design challenges are what engineers and designers have to do on a daily basis. Youth Made Malaysia gives students opportunities to these types of challenges, with students often giving up their free time to get involved. Read about one such challenge making a difference in LRT stations around Kuala Lumpur!


One of the most important aspects of bringing education and industry together is making learning real for students. One of the exciting ways of doing this is through our 'Live Briefs'. This is where students design & make products, but for a real client.


Read about how a year group of 11 year olds helped a local charity by making tiny alterations to their Design & Technology lessons to turn their project into a real brief by working with a local company.


You may think that your industry has little to offer students and school. You may be wrong. Design & Technology is such a diverse subject, it can cover cooking to coding, electronics to enterprise and textiles to TIG welding. Read about how students have the opportunity to learn about these first-hand with the help of our partners.


Competitions are often a nice way to engage industry and education. It can allow students to see their concepts be realized and can also allow them to understand the feeling of rejection if they are not chosen! read about a  brilliant recent design competition from one of our partners.


Simply by stating your stance on Design & Technology education can have a big impact. Recently a range of posters explaining the importance of the subject were designed and printed free of charge for partner schools to promote the subject to their students. Read about how this came about.

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