One-off events such as the Drone Festival can really ignite students' passions and interest in Design & Technology. 

A crash-course event alongside LeadEd and Heriot Watt university provided just such inspiration for a number of local Malaysian schools where they developed a range of skills, knowledge and understanding around drone technology.

Students were introduced to Autodesk Fusion 360 C.A.D. program where they firstly designed their drone chassis before learning about additive manufacture and the 3D printing of their designs. 

Later that morning they attended workshops in the Heriot Watt university labs, getting a taster for university life and learning more about electronics and configuration of their drones.

The Sunday afternoon event was then topped off with a tricky race through the drone course where students tried their hand at flying the drones made earlier that day.

Student experts and university staff were on-hand to help and there are hopes to run similar events in the coming years. 

Thanks to Formventor, LeapEd and Heriot Watt university for helping to run the event alongside Youth Made Malaysia.

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