Creative Sandbox is multimedia coaching for children, providing the platform for them to enhance their skills in creative IT and inspire their creativity through learning multimedia. "Spark to Create" is their belief to spark children to be the next creative creator! 


Currently providing multimedia home-coaching for children aged 7-12, they provide a quality one-to-one approach to allow children to access the modules and make it convenient for parents.  Also, they conduct unique workshops for children to get involved in all sorts of multimedia with various collaboration programmes such as The Launchpad, Cyberjaya and PKK Bainun, KL. 


Their aims are to spark the next generation to be more exposed to multimedia and become a creative creators, providing a platform for them to express their imagination. 

"Young people have the strength to be lead in imagination and be the thinker. Design & Technology is so important for them to bring up their unlimited imagination to a commercial level and make a colorful innovative generation. So, learning technology can make them from the creative thinker to creative creator! "

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