We know that D&T is a vital aspect of the curriculum. Part of the STEM and STEAM subjects, it plays an important role in developing creative thinking and problem solving. 

To encourage more students into the subject, Youth Made Malaysia designed and printed a range of posters, tailor-made for YMM partner schools, to further advertise and promote the subject.

These free materials are only made possible by the generosity of our partners, who also see the importance in the subject. Our partner NHF kindly donated the printing costs for these to allow schools to show their students what D&T is all about.

All industry partners added their name to the designs, which acted as a chance for both parents and students to see the kinds of industries that rely on D&T related skills, and the employment areas that open up to them if they take Design & Technology subjects at school.


Opportunities like this will come about from time to time and it is a great way to further build the community of like-minded organizations to grow the industries in Malaysia. 

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