Many people don't realize how vast the subject area of Design & Technology is. Schools cover things such as coding, electronics, metal-work, 3D printing, cooking, textiles, graphic design, technical drawing, sustainable design, plastics forming, printing, the list is (almost) endless. Teaching these areas can sometimes be problematic. Students are required to know how industries produce items, including large, expensive production techniques, but it is hard to directly show them. 'YouTube' is good but there's nothing like seeing and learning first-hand.

February 2018 sees our first YMM-arranged industry visit planned. Students will be able to see how automotive parts are reverse-engineered and produced in plastic and metal to provide replacement car parts. Whilst it is interesting anyway, these form valuable units of the current Design & Technology A'Level specification, so students can see exactly what is required in their examinations.

You may be surprised that what your company does on a daily basis is of interest to Design & Technology departments. Get in touch to discuss opportunities to help students in your area.

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