Here we have a range of Design & Technology opportunities for you. You can gain work experience, learn more about higher education courses and careers in Design & Technology related industries.


The Youth Made Malaysia Awards celebrate students' achievements in Design & Technology​, whether it is acknowledging the extraordinary skills you may have, a fantastic initiative you have begun, or simply your love of, and commitment to the subject.

We feel success in Design & Technology is not only about getting a good grade, we feel it is about engagement, passion and making a difference.

This year, 10 of our industry partners have put forward categories for the awards and we also have a fully-paid engineering scholarship for a Year 12 or 13 student at Heriot Watt University, Malaysia campus.

The deadline for the nominations is May 17th 2019, followed by an awards ceremony in June.

To enter for the awards and/or scholarship, please speak to your D&T teacher at school for an application form or get in touch with us for further information.


For details on the Heriot Watt scholarship, please visit: bit.ly/HWscholarship


Live briefs are an authentic learning experience. As part of your Design & Technology course, you have to  design and make an outcome - why not take on a real challenge?!

We have a range of project briefs, all of which give you the opportunity to be led by industry experts and provide you with vital feedback.

Check with your teacher to see if your exam board will support this brief. It is suited for IGCSE, A'Levels, IB and similar. Please email us if you wish to tackle any of these briefs.

Click on the image to zoom-in. More added soon!

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