Live briefs have become embedded into the curriculum for Garden International School. In 2016-17, students in Year 11 had to design a lighting solution for 'Pestle & Mortar' clothing store in Bangsar, KL. This was a real brief set by one of our industry partners - Stephanie Ng Design.

The real brief meant that students completed their GCSE D&T project but approached it like a real industrial designer. They visited the clothing store to analyse the environment and to interview the owners. They regularly met with the client and Stephanie to go through their designs and make improvements. Every step of the way they were considering the client and the original brief.

The work produced as a result was some of the best the department has had. Speaking about the experience, student Molly McAndrew said "This (process) really helped as we got to understand how designers work and ways they can overcome challenges when working with real clients. It was really beneficial having Stephanie come in".

Schools are always on the lookout for challenges - no matter how large or small, to help contextualize learning.

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